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My name is Olga and I am eager to work for Shopify. Please consider me for the position of a Customer Success Guru or for any other role that you think I could contribute

I believe my educational qualifications and sales, customer service, and commerce experience well exceed your standards for the ideal candidate.

Last summer I helped launch my husband’s company, Dragonfly Design and Production. This company offers services in Computer Graphic Design, Motion Design, VFX, Post-production, and printing. I currently manage the marketing, website, and SEO, while my husband does the creative and technical portion of the business.

Two weeks ago, I decided to open a Shopify e-store website to support our off-line commerce: selling t-shirts that are mostly oriented for Ukrainian community or for Canadians who either like Ukrainian culture or want to support Ukraine. Before launching my Shopify website, I researched and compared many various platforms, but found your to be the best.

I was glad that I chose your platform. I was impressed at how easy editing the theme was to fit my needs and appreciated the pre-installed payment and shipping functions of this platform. It made life so much easier. Also I found all your instructions very clear, logical, and easy to follow.

Before working on these recent projects, I was a Sales Manager at REPRODUX and sold printing and document management services to AEC (architectural, engineering, and construction) businesses. I found it challenging and also exciting to be involved in AEC businesses, as I had to understand the specific of construction business, information and documentation flow, and their business requirements to suppliers. Later, I passed the required exams and became the only person in the branch who received the “Certified Sales Person” certificate of the Bluebeam software that was a new product in the REPRODUX’s portfolio for Construction industry. In total, I was able to bring in over 50 new clients to our company.

Besides this role, I worked as a Business Development manager for PocketBook Inc. in Ukraine. I was in charge of e-readers and tablets for the Kazakhstan market. I developed a distribution market there and promoted various products. I gained exceptional experience managing multicultural business relations and facilitating business processes remotely. I created a motivation program for local small and medium companies that increased our business to 140%. I also raised our brand awareness in the market. I initiated and facilitated marketing campaigns with universities to promote reading and new technologies in this industry to youth.

I also worked for Foxtrot-IT and XEROX. This experience gave me the opportunity to constantly improve my soft and tech skills, developing my business acumen, and constantly improving my approach in dealing with people and managing projects. You can get more information about my experience from my LinkedIn profile. Also, you are welcome to read the compatibility chart to see how my skills and experience correspond to your requirements.


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